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Learning Rate is an important hyperparameter in Gradient Descent. Its value determines how fast the Neural Network would converge to minima. Usually, we choose a… Read More
In a dataset, for k set of variables/columns (X1, X2, ….Xk), the scatter plot matrix plot all the pairwise scatter between different variables in the… Read More
 A lag plot is a special type of scatter plot in which the X-axis represents the dataset with some time units behind or ahead as… Read More
Before jumping into Drew Conway’s Venn Diagram of Data Science the very first question that arises is, “What is Data Science?” Data science intends various… Read More
The Dummy Regressor is a kind of Regressor that gives prediction based on simple strategies without paying any attention to the input Data. As similar… Read More
A matrix is in Row Echelon form if it has the following properties: Any row consisting entirely of zeros occurs at the bottom of the… Read More
The probability plot is a way of visually comparing the data coming from different distributions. These data can be of empirical dataset or theoretical dataset.… Read More
Why is there a requirement for Captcha Alternative for Blind? Currently, We do have some browsers in the market which are being used by the… Read More
KNN stands for K-nearest neighbour, it’s one of the Supervised learning algorithm mostly used for classification of data on the basis how it’s neighbour are… Read More
TF-IDF stands for Term Frequency Inverse Document Frequency of records. It can be defined as the calculation of how relevant a word in a series… Read More
Introduction: Generate and Test Search is a heuristic search technique based on Depth First Search with Backtracking which guarantees to find a solution if done… Read More
The field of data science has seen major developments in the span of the last 5 years. Many algorithms and many new methods have been… Read More
While building a machine learning model for real-life dataset, we come across a lot of features in the dataset and not all these features are… Read More
Histogram: Histograms are like bar charts that display the frequency (count) of the data using bins. Below is an example of a Histogram plot [Fig… Read More
Pose estimation refers to computer vision techniques that detect persons or objects in images and video so that one could determine, for example, where someone’s… Read More