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A Rectangle is a quadrilateral with four right angles (90°). In a rectangle, the opposite sides are equal. A rectangle with all four sides equal… Read More
The pair class in C++ Standard Library is used a lot.  We can implement our own user-defined pair class in Java and its object can… Read More
A feedback vertex set of a graph is a set of vertices whose removal leaves a graph without cycles. The following graph becomes a Directed… Read More
Java Reflection API provides us information about a Class to which the Object belongs to including the methods in this class. Using these Reflection API… Read More
In a graph with V vertices and E edges, the LIS (Largest Independent Set) is the set of all the vertices in the graph which… Read More
Interface contains only abstract methods that can’t be instantiated and it is declared by keyword interface. A class that is declared with the abstract keyword… Read More
Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is used in the java runtime environment(JRE). The original JVM was conceived as a bytecode interpreter. This may come as a… Read More
A JDBC driver enables Java application to interact with a database from where we can fetch or store data. JDBC drivers are analogous to ODBC… Read More
Map Interface is present in Java.util package, which provides mainly three methods KeySet(),entrySet() and values(). These methods are used to retrieve the keys of the… Read More
Android mobiles are very handy, and they provide the information instantaneously. Just assume that you are continuously flying or attending patients or participating in meetings… Read More
In this article, we will be building a Bitcoin Tracker App Project using Java and XML in Android. The application will display the current rates… Read More
Sliding Up Screen is another common feature that we see in most of the apps. This Sliding Up Screen can be used for displaying some… Read More
Discrete SeekBar is another most common feature that we can see in most of the apps. We can get to see this Discrete SeekBar in… Read More
Data from the app can be saved on users’ devices in different ways. We can store data in the user’s device in SQLite tables, shared… Read More
In many android apps, we have seen that there is a route marker from a source location to the destination location. In this article, we… Read More

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