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The ability of the software to analyze itself is known as Reflection. This is provided by the java.lang.reflect package and elements in Class .Field serves… Read More
Duration is the value-based Class present in the Java time library. It’s used to get time-based amount of time. This class is immutable and thread-safe.… Read More
The java.lang.reflect.Modifier class contains methods used to get information about class, member and method access modifiers. The modifiers are represented as int value with set… Read More
A ReferenceQueue is a simple data structure onto which the garbage collector places reference objects when the reference field is cleared (set to null). You… Read More
In the case of a multi-threaded program, where multiple threads are in execution concurrently, we require locks to be acquired and released to maintain synchronization… Read More
CacheResponse is an abstract class that represents channels for retrieving resources from the ResponseCache. The objects of this class provide an InputStream that returns the… Read More
CacheRequest class is used in java whenever there is a need for, storage of resources in ResponseCache. More precisely instances of this class provide an… Read More
java.lang.reflect.Constructor class is used to manage the constructor metadata like the name of the constructors, parameter types of constructors, and access modifiers of the constructors.… Read More
java.lang.reflect.Parameter class provides Information about method parameters, including their name and modifiers. It also provides an alternate means of obtaining attributes for the parameter. Some… Read More
We have seen the new Google Lens application in which we can capture images of any product and from that image, we can get to… Read More
Before somebody starts developing the applications, make sure that JAVA SDK along with NetBeans IDE is installed on our computer.After downloading you can install the… Read More
Most of the time while using an app we want to share text from the app to another app. While using Many Social Media Platforms… Read More
In this article, we are going to implement an important and quite interesting feature. While Chatting with your friends over various social media platforms you… Read More
A Toast is a feedback message. It takes very little space for displaying while the overall activity is interactive and visible to the user. It… Read More
Java is a very popular general-purpose programming language, which is very close to flow Oop’s theory and can run independently on any platform, but its… Read More

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