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Before getting started, let us have prior knowledge of parameters that makes use of the following three queries parameters, which are as follows: boolean execute(String… Read More
In order to understand one must have a strong grasp over  Java OOPs, Java Multithreading & Java Interrupted-Exception. If not go through them as the… Read More
The lower_bound() method of C++ return the index of the first element in the array which has a value not less than key. This means… Read More
One of the most popular and important topics is lambda expression in java but before going straight into our discussion, let us have insight into… Read More
JavaSound is a collection of classes and interfaces for effecting and controlling sound media in java. It consists of two packages. javax.sound.sampled: This package provides… Read More
In java, there exists a very important keyword known as super() keyword in java which is widely used in java being object-oriented and hence inheritence… Read More
Let us first know what is a class and package in Java. Class in java is a model for creating objects. It means that the… Read More
An OverlappingFileLockException is thrown when attempting to acquire a lock that overlaps an existing or pending lock held by this process. This exception is thrown… Read More
Be it a programmer who is unaware of this concept but is indulging in every program. Separators help us defining the structure of a program.… Read More
JSON is commonly used in order to exchange data to and back fro from a  web server. The key point here is when we are… Read More
Here we will discuss the static variables in java. Java actually doesn’t have the concept of Global variable. To define a Global variable in java,… Read More
Applet viewer is a command-line program to run Java applets. It is included in the SDK. It helps you to test an applet before you… Read More
Here we will discuss how we can write effective codes with the help of loops. It is a general perception that the approach using loops… Read More
Zip files are compressed files that is used for transferring files over the internet. Zip and unzip are very important operations while writing application programs.… Read More
A Java NIO ServerSocketChannel is a channel that can listen for incoming TCP connections, just like a ServerSocket in standard Java Networking. The ServerSocketChannel class… Read More

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