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Spring 2.0 version introduced XML Schema-based configuration. It makes Spring XML configuration files substantially clearer to read and in addition to that, it allows the… Read More
Deadlock describes a situation where two or more threads are blocked forever because they are waiting for each other. There are many causes of deadlocks.… Read More
Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform. It provides services that a web application or mobile application might require. Firebase provides email and… Read More
Hibernate is capable of storing the inherited properties of an object along with its new properties in its database when an object is saved in… Read More
Selenium is an open-source popular web-based automation tool. The major advantage of using selenium is, it supports all browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla… Read More
We all have come across apps that have a Bottom Navigation Bar. Some popular examples include Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Below is the preview of a… Read More
The Spring Web model-view-controller (MVC) is an open-source framework used to build J2EE web applications. It is based on the Model-View-Controller design pattern and implements… Read More
The Spring Framework was created to provide an open-source application framework to feature better infrastructure support for developing Java applications. It is one of the… Read More
ResultSetExtractor is an interface that is used to fetch the records from the database. It’s a callback interface that is used by JDBC Template’s query()… Read More
Contact Picker is a feature in android that a developer can use to ask users to select a particular contact. The developer can then query… Read More
Java is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. Taking about its popularity, more than nine million developers considered Java Programming… Read More
A Servlet is an instance of a class that implements javax.servlet.Servlet. Most Servlets, however, are extended to one of the standard implementations of that interface,… Read More
Modifiers are specific keywords present in Java using that we can make changes to the characteristics of a variable, method, or class and limit its… Read More
Java is one of the most powerful programming languages which is currently used for development in three billion devices and approximately 70 lakh developers use… Read More
POJO stands for Plain Old Java Object. In simple terms, we use POJO to make a programming model for declaring object entities. The classes are… Read More

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