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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

Round 1 (Coding Round – A large chunk of students appeared as this was the 2nd major recruiter) Held on HackerEarth 3 questions with 50,… Read More
Hello Geeks! Samsung R&D Bangalore visited our campus on 18/9/2020 and the entire process was conducted online. Eligible for CSE, M&C, and all circuital branches. … Read More
Round 1: ​Computer Based Online Recruitment Test (on AMCAT) The test had 3 sections : 1. Aptitude and Logical Reasoning 2. CS core subject questions… Read More
Infosys SES is another job presented in 2019. You are perusing this blog which implies you have some way or another cleared your composed test… Read More
There were three round. 1. Online test 2. Technical + Manegerial interview 3. HR round Round-1 (Online test)   It was divided into three sections. … Read More
Process: 1 Aptitude Test, 1 Entirely Technical Interview, 1 Tech / Managerial Interview and 1 HR Interview. All in one day. Due to covid-19 all… Read More
Round 1 – Online Test : This was an Online Test round which was conducted on AMCAT platform. There were 3 sections.  The first section… Read More
Result:- Selected The Entire interview process was awesome. LTI provides clarity about everything. The interview process was consited of 3 rounds and the starting of… Read More
Round-1 The first round comprised of 3 coding questions.(Test Duration: 70 minutes) :- 100 students were selected for the 1st round based on CGPA(min 7.5).There… Read More
Amazon WoW is an initiative which gives an opportunity to women students in their final or pre-final year to work at Amazon as an intern… Read More
Oracle visited our college for two profiles: Server Technology and Application Engineer. First round was an online test followed by 3 to 4 rounds of… Read More
We got a mail on 1st Sept’2020 that SRIB is visiting our campus for hiring summer interns. Students with more than 7.5 CGPA were eligible… Read More
Round 1: List different sorting algorithms Time and space complexity of a few sorting algos. Given an array A[] and a number x, check for… Read More
Online Round: Around 250 candidates appeared for this round The online round comprised of 4 sections: Code Debugging Round (20 minutes – 7 Questions) Coding… Read More
Samsung visited our college for summer internship 2021, It was an on-campus opportunity, students from branch CS, ECE, and Electrical having  CGPA above 7.5  were… Read More