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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

PwC is a Consulting company that came to our college for the Role of Associate Bangalore Location It Comprises 4 Rounds: Online Test  Group Discussion … Read More
Telephonic Round: The HR talked about my experience and the tech I am currently working on. Interview Rounds Round 1: Asked two questions also told… Read More
Round 1(Cognitive Assessments): There were 2 cognitive assessments.  In the first one, there were a total of 2 short assessments to be completed in 22… Read More
It was an On-Campus drive in April 2021. This drive was held virtually. There were 4 rounds. Online Test Technical Interview I Technical Interview II… Read More
BlackRock visited our campus in the month of September 2020. The roles offered were Technology Profile and Financial Modelling Group. They were offering only internships.… Read More
Background:  I’m a Microsoft Software Engineer at Microsoft. I work in the field of Azure Psychological Services and I absolutely love my job. I have… Read More
I hope whosoever is reading this is safe and in good health. The past year has been really bumpy, but good things always find a… Read More
I applied at HashedIN after seeing a posting on LinkedIn and the same day, I got a call from a technical recruiter at HashedIN. We… Read More
Online Round: 2 very easy basic string question Technical Interview 1: You are given a list of examination results of various students. A student… Read More
Round 1(Written Test and Coding): This round was conducted by Hacker Earth on 2nd Oct. 2020 for 150 minutes. It consists of 33 multiple choices… Read More
As an undergraduate, the first company which I interviewed for was Oracle during my college placements. I cleared up to the HR round and then… Read More
After Clearing ZS Campus Beats Exam if you are selected in the top 150 Teams You get a call for the second round, second round… Read More
L&T-Nxt is a subsidiary company of Larson and Tubro Group. It mainly works in the field of AI and IoT. Sit tight as my Interview… Read More
We were approached by the university recruiting team for the “Women in Technology” program of CISCO which intended to provide a summer internship of 2… Read More
Placement Season is here. I was in my 6th semester when the news Infosys off-campus hiring exam broke. Although INFYTQ is a certification exam Infosys… Read More