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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

Hi… TCS interview was one of the craziest interviews I have attended. Please have the patience to read my story:p Without any interest, I have… Read More
Online: 5 Programming Questions (easy to medium difficulty) Technical Round 1: Check whether an array has duplicates Wrote code on notepad using sets (n +… Read More
I applied through referral and after few days got the call for interviews. Round 1: Complete code for stock span problem using class and functions( … Read More
I got a call from an Amazon recruiter as I was referred by one of my friends for the role. She sent me the coding… Read More
I recently gave an interview for a programmer analyst role at Amazon.   Round 1(Online Test): Two questions I cannot recollect exactly what they were,… Read More
First Round(MC Round): Given 90 minutes. Design a Vehicle Rental Service.  Here’s the question: Description: Flipkart is starting a new vehicle rental service FlipCar. In… Read More
Note: All rounds were virtual. Phone Screen Round: Implement a doubly-linked list, with all edge cases considered. Onsite Rounds: Round 1:  Add (Key, value) pairs… Read More
Round 1: Implement a Delay Queue. Round 2: Given an array with integer elements(zeroes and non-zeroes included). Push zeroes to the end of the array… Read More
Round 1: Online Test I attempted the NQT test on 18th February 2021. The total duration of the test was 120 mins. The test consisted… Read More
Citi Corp, Chennai visited our campus for full-time hiring for the role of Technology Analyst. They allowed CS, IT & E&TC branch students with an… Read More
Recently I was interviewed by Amazon for SDE-2, here is my experience.  Current Status: 3.5 YOE with the product-based company. Online Assessment: 105 minutes including… Read More
Online Round: Question-related to the priority queue Simple Ad Hoc question Round 1(Chime Interview): Taken by SDE 2 (1 hour, 15 mins) There are N… Read More
Two Coding Rounds were held. Round 1: Given a 2D integer matrix of size (m*n). Calculate the sum of the submatrix of size (a*b), where… Read More
Round 1(Problem-Solving Round): Questions Linked list Render Dispatcher Aggregation and composition GPU Programming Trees, Binary tree, BST Convert a Binary Tree into its Mirror Tree… Read More
PHASE 1: MCQ In February  This was the MCQs test phase – DBMS, python/java questions. I cleared the round easily. PHASE 2: Coding in June… Read More