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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

Hello, I’m here to share my interview experience with you guys. We have participated in SIH 2020 Software Edition and winners for the same. As… Read More
We were asked to take a test in an online platform that had the aptitude, logical reasoning, technical and coding questions.  The level of difficulty… Read More
Interviews are virtual and on webex Round 1: It consisted of 5 games.  First one was similar to Dijkstra’s algo. One ball(blue) will be there… Read More
A full-fledged 4-week process for the internship. Place: SASTRA University, Thanjavur. Round 1: A coding round that had 6 questions with the difficulty level of… Read More
Indus Valley Partners came to on-campus selection for the role of Associate Software Developer Engineer. It allowed students only from the CS and ECE branch.… Read More
MyHQ recently visited our college for hiring SDE interns. MyHQ is a startup based out of alums of IIT Delhi.  Round 1: They did not… Read More
TCS Digital Test had two parts to it. Part A was the Aptitude + Verbal section which was of medium difficulty level and Part B… Read More
I’d like to share my interview experience @Unthinkable Solutions for Jr. Associate IT  with all of my fellow geeks. Round 1: Firstly they take an… Read More
I applied through the career section of Morgan Stanley Official Website. There were three rounds: Round 1 (Online Aptitude and Coding test on AMCAT) (90… Read More
November 2020 Campus Drive in J.C. BOSE UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, YMCA, FARIDABAD. ROUND 1 (Online MCQ Test): Online MCQ test divided into 2… Read More
Cognizant -2020 recruitment has two parts to it- one is GenC 1 and the other one is GenC 2. The following sections were asked in… Read More
Process: 1 Online Aptitude  2 Technical Rounds   1 Hiring Manager Round Online Aptitude: September 2020 3 Questions of varying difficulties: Given an array and… Read More
Round 1: This round was divided into two parts:-Part A and Part B. Part A: It was an online round which consisted of English(10 min)… Read More
UHG (Optum) visited our campus in October 2020 for hiring students for summer internship 2021. Only Computer Science Engineering students with CGPA >=7 were eligible… Read More
OYO Rooms visited NIT Patna for hiring SDE (Intern + FTE). Students of CSE and ECE having more than 6 CGPA were eligible. The online… Read More