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This about my experience of MS interview, which happened last day Division: Microsoft Bing R&D Rounds: Total 4 rounds (All face to face) Location: Hyderabad.… Read More
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I am a guy from CSE dept, IIT-BHU and currently in 4th year.  I am placed in microsoft now and all the credit goes to… Read More
Hi everyone, I would like to share my experience with MicroSoft, as i have been the lucky hire. Date: 27th August 2012 No. of Rounds:… Read More
I’ve attended the Amazon interview in Hyderabad, This was kindle team, I got rejected but I’d like to share the experience, thought of giving back… Read More
Hi, this is Ishita Gupta. I have been one of the lucky hires of Microsoft this year through oncampus. So wanted to share my experience… Read More
Following are the details of Adobe Interview. Round 1 1. How will you implement a stack using a priority queue. Push and pop should be… Read More
Please find the details of my Amazon interviews below. Date of Interviews: 1 Sept 2012 No of Rounds: 4 Type of Interviews: Walk-in for 1… Read More
I would like to thank GEEKSFORGEEKS team that they made my confidence level high when it comes to coding. I finished my interview today, hope… Read More
Please find the details of my Microsoft Interview below. Date Of Interview: 3rd August,2012 No. of Rounds: 2 online exams + 4 rounds of PI… Read More
Hi, I am Saurav Biswas, from IIT Kharagpur, currently doing my PhD in Machine Learning in Germany. I got hired at Yahoo SDC, India, in… Read More
First of all a big thanks to the geeksforgeeks team. It has been the biggest help in my preparation. Till 5th july i could not… Read More
Following are the details of my Microsoft interviews. Date of Interviews: 30th July, 31st July and 3rd August, 2012 No of Rounds: 1 aptitude test,… Read More