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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

Company – STB team, Microsoft IDC. Location – Hyderabad. First interview A quick introduction. Few questions on multi-threading like – …a. What is race condition?… Read More
Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is the brain child of the Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and was first held in the summer… Read More
Hey Guys, I am sharing my experience with Groupon. First Round (Skype Interview)(one to one)(55 Mins) They gave me a simple problem just to check… Read More
Written Test It was online test which contains 20 MCQs on C & C++. The coding round had two questions. Given some text lines in… Read More
I am very thankful to geeksforgeeks team for such a great site. I got offer from Amazon. Written Test It was online test on interviewstreet.… Read More
Flipkart is certainly one of the most amazing companies to work for in recent times. The startup environment, great people and the enthusiasm really gets… Read More
Following is Adobe (Testing) experience. 1st round: —What do u know about adobe.. —Changes u want to make in adobe reader (as i said adobe… Read More
I attended the Oracle Server Technology interview at  Banglore. They started with a PPT followed by a written test. Then two rounds of technical interview and… Read More
I would like to thank geeksforgeeks team for the excellent website. I got placed in amazon because of your website. I would like to share… Read More
Recently I got interviewed at Amazon Hyderabad. I just wanted to share my experience. Hope someone gets little help from this. 1. Telephonic a. In… Read More
This post contains links to some of the solutions available on the geeksforgeeks. I have also written my answers which I replied in the interview. I hope it would help the readers.
How did it start? I completed and submitted the 4 programs at the link: Later on I came to know that the recruitment through… Read More
I recently interviewed with amazon for the position of SDE1 in their TRMS team. The interview procedure was unimaginable rigorous. Here are the details Round… Read More
Google is consistently chosen as the best workplace in the world and engineers all around the world would simply love to be a part of… Read More
In conversation with Arun Dobriyal, a Computer Science graduate from IIT, Kharagpur who was recently hired by Facebook for a whopping pay package of 1.3… Read More