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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

Maersk came for an internship for 4 roles and gave PPO offers based on the candidate’s performance during the internship duration. Expect Maersk to come… Read More
I applied on Instahyre and shared my resume. HR called me and setup the whole process. HR was very helpful throughout the whole process.  … Read More
I applied through LinkedIn for Application Developer-Consultant. Got a call from HR  almost after 2-3weeks, the HR took the details like expected CTC and relevant… Read More
Hi All,   I would like to contribute my interview experience with Zoho in June 2021 for Software Developer role here.   First of all,… Read More
Accenture has 4 different rounds, In this year Accenture hires fresher from college many students got placed in Accenture in phase 1. I had given… Read More
The First 2 rounds were taken by interviewvector team. Round 1(DSA): This was an online round. The interviewer told me to share my screen and… Read More
I appeared for Mindtree Off-Campus recruitment in May 2021. It consisted of three rounds:   Round 1(Online Assessment): There were four sections; Programming, Verbal ability,… Read More
Role: Software Development Engineer Eligible Criteria: Minimum 7 GPA Round 1(Aptitude+ Technical MCQ’s): This round was conducted on their online platform. It was MCQ’s based… Read More
We received the recruitment process notification of Hashedin by Delloite in mid-May 2021.  Coding Test: The registered candidates need to clear the coding test. which… Read More
I applied for this job through the InstaHyre job portal.  Round 1: This was a technical round and basically based on DS & Algo. Three… Read More
I applied in Sandvine through Linkedin, the requirements was to have a minimum 7.5 CG and to have knowledge of C++. I got the link… Read More
Foobar is “said to be” Google’s secret hiring challenge, and it’s really exciting. It is an invite-only challenge, so “you have to be chosen” by… Read More
I got a PPI interview opportunity for the role of Digital Specialist Engineer after clearing the first round of HackWithInfy 2021. The first round was… Read More
Hii, I have recently attended the Zoho On-Campus interview. ROUND 1(APTITUDE AND C MCQ’S): In the first round, they have conduct the test for 1… Read More
Round 1(Aptitude, MCQ): Duration: 30 mins The first round consists of 30 MCQs to be solved within 30 minutes in the Eduthrill platform.  The topics… Read More