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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

Round 1 (Problem Solving+Behavourial 1hour): Given a list of employee-manager pairs, count the hierarchy for an employee. Return the largest multiple of 3 from… Read More
Round 1(Problem Solving 1hour): Convert Given Roman numeral to integer I -> 1 V -> 5 X ->10 L -> 50 C ->100 D-> 500… Read More
Round 1: The first online test was on AMCAT platform  It had 4 sections. Logical Reasoning (14 MCQ’s) Quantitative Aptitude and English (16 MCQ’s) Technical… Read More
Hewlett Packard Inc. visited our campus on 28th October 2020 for an internship in Bangalore. The whole process was virtual and the eligibility criteria to… Read More
Halodoc visited our campus, the National Institute Of Engineering, for full-time employment in the month of December. It was the first on-campus drive that was… Read More
Unrealistic. Impractical. I applied for an Application Developer(Full-Stack) role in Pune India. The interview process consists of 4-5 rounds. About me: 7+ Years of Full… Read More
I was part of an industrial training by Teamware Solutions post which I was selected for an interview with their top client Morgan Stanley. There… Read More
Round 1(Coding Round): I attended Rently Software interview on-campus during my 6th semester for the developer’s role. The first round was the coding round hosted… Read More
Like every year, this year also, Infosys comes with their certification program by which we get an ample opportunity to work at a various post… Read More
SBI Data Scientist Manager/Deputy Manager post was held on 7/8th Dec 2020 for around 11 posts. Interviews are based through video conference in multiple cities… Read More
Ride-Sharing Application- SDE II.  2hrs (90min Coding + 30min Review) Description: Implement a ride-sharing application with the below-expected features. Features: The application allows users to… Read More
The GOCC18 was held on September 26, 2020, for Goggle SWE New Grad 2021 (India). There were 2 coding questions to attempt, with a 60-minute… Read More
Infosys hires students through Off-Campus in two ways: InfyTQ HackwithInfy There were 3 rounds in InfyTQ Certification Examination 2020. Round 1: Online based exam conducted… Read More
Round 1(Coding Assessment): Platform was Coderbyte. Two Coding questions in 1 hr: The Largest contiguous subarray sum. Given a string (e.g. [“(0,0),(2,2),(2,0),(0,2),(1,0),(1,2),(6,0),(6,2)”]) which are coordinates… Read More
Round 1 Online Test (Debugging Code+ Aptitude Test): This round consisted of easy logical and mathematical aptitude questions that have to do within a time… Read More