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Online coding 3hrs 2 questions 20 marks each. Problem 1: Write a program which takes JSON as input and gives prettified JSON a) You need… Read More
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First Round: 1.Aptitude Questions, basically logical aptitude, Not the standard aptitude questions which we get in other companies, it included some questions of geometry, trigonometry,… Read More
I would like to start off by thanking the entire community of GeeksforGeeks for helping me out. Attempt 1 Round1: 1. Given a number N,… Read More
Recently had a interview with Amazon, through employee referral. All face to face rounds. I didn’t clear, so no offer. 🙁 1st Technical Round: Given… Read More
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It’s not easy getting into one of the hottest companies in India. As company is growing at a crazy pace, Flipkart always looks for best… Read More
PROFILE: SOFTWARE ENGINEER PAPER DURATION: 3 hours NO. OF QUESTIONS: 2 (20 marks each) MAXIMUM MARKS: 20*2 = 40 marks QUESTION 1: JSON Prettier:- Write… Read More
There were 3 rounds consisting of Written, Technical Interview and HR round. Written Round: Aricent organized an online written test via amcat(aspiringminds). The questions were… Read More
Online Round :(Duration – 90 minutes) 20 MCQs to solve and 2 coding questions. 20MCQs were on Algorithms,Data Structures, C Output, Quantitative Aptitude, etc. Coding… Read More
Amazon visited my college and offered me SDET-I position. GeeksforGeeks helped a real lot in my interview preparation. Thank you very much GeeksforGeeks! Here is… Read More
Aricent is a telecom(network) based company. There were three rounds 1. Online test hosted by amcat(aspiring minds) was very easy and there was sectional cutoff… Read More