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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

The online assessment round consisted of 4 sections: Cognitive Assessment (20 questions- 20 minutes): It had 2 sections. English: (10 questions), which composed of comprehension-based… Read More
Round 1: This round was held on cocubes platform, In which 3 coding questions had to be solved in a time span of 70 minutes.… Read More
Round 1: The first round comprised of 20 -30 MCQ questions including C output questions and Programming Fundamentals (Test Duration: 30 Minutes): < This test… Read More
My interview started at sharp 4:00 pm, it was on the cisco webex platform. I got the interview opportunity through the Infosys portal after applying.… Read More
Nokia visited our campus on 2nd November 2020 to hire for the role of Student Intern at Nokia R&D center. There were 2 rounds involved… Read More
Round 1 (Coding Round): Due to the pandemic, the whole process went online. Round 1 was the coding round conducted on the Hackerrank platform. There… Read More
Infosys came to our campus for a system engineer profile. First Round: It was an online general aptitude test which was 2 hrs. It consisted… Read More
Endurance came for hiring in August 2020 on our campus for the SDE role (FTE + internship). We had a total of 4 rounds (2… Read More
Academic Year: Third Year Undergraduate Branch: Computer Science and Engineering Current CGPA: 8.67 Eligible Branches: CSE and IT Barclays came for only two branches and… Read More
There were no eligibility criteria. But, only CSE, ECE, and EEE branches were allowed to sit for this. First Round (Online Assessment:) This was held… Read More
Microsoft came for hiring in August 2019 on our campus for a 2-month Internship. I had a total of 3 rounds (1 online + 1… Read More
Recently, I have been through the interview experience of Tiger Analytics Chennai and I would like to share my experience with everyone. Totally there were… Read More
The Hiring of Mastercard AI was done in two stages: 1. Online Test 2. Interview Online Test: Platform: Techgig(webcam enabled, tab switch not allowed, the… Read More
If you want to join TCS, there are many ways, TCS hires from Codevita, Codevita is a Coding Contest, On the other hand, TCS NQT,… Read More
A month ago, I have been interviewed by Rakuten. As it was a pandemic time, so the whole process was offline. I belong to a… Read More