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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

BYJU’s selection process consist of two rounds: Group Discussion Personal Interview Group Discussion: Here 20 students are collected to form one group. Then topic allotment… Read More
I would like to share my experience of being interviewed by Persistent at our campus placement recently. The whole process can be divided into: Technical… Read More
Wipro Visited Our Campus around mid-November 2020 and students with 7 CGPA and above can apply, around 2000 students gave an exam for this company.… Read More
Accolite visited our campus for hiring in the month of September. It had 4 rounds in total. Round 1: Online test was conducted on the… Read More
Number of Rounds: 5 Application process: I applied for an opening in Honeywell through my college. The company was basically looking forward to hiring a… Read More
Netapp visited our campus this December for an internship drive. The process was fast and smooth. The process happens in 5 rounds: Coding Technical Managerial… Read More
Online Assessment: The online round consisted of a total of 3 sections and behavioral sections. The Online round was conducted on the AMCAT platform. Section… Read More
Online Coding Round: This was the first round which was divided into 4 sections: English and Vocabulary: This consisted of MCQ questions based on basic… Read More
Nokia conducted a placement drive in our college NIT-Jalandhar in the month of November 2020. In total there were six rounds which included (2 Online… Read More
BNY Mellon 6-month internship off-campus experience Round 1(3 hours Online Coding): The round held on HackerEarth platform named as Code Divas 2020 hiring contest held… Read More
Round 1: Two moderate level questions on HackerEarth. Students who solved both of these were selected. Round 2: This was the first technical… Read More
Miniorange is an American security company with offices in America and India, specifically Pune. I applied to the company with a referral from an employee… Read More
Round 1: TCS NQT (National Qualifier Test) Aptitude: Quant, Reasoning, Verbal (Medium – High Level) Coding: 2 Questions (Medium Level) – Any Languages Note: High… Read More
During Covid-19 lockdown, I was contacted by a recruiter from Google for a Software Engineer role based in India. I was given tons of resources… Read More
The entire hiring process consisted of 6 rounds. First Round: This was the online exam. We had 15 Aptitude and 35 Technical MCQ. The Aptitude… Read More