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TCS Digital came to our college in October,2020.There are generally 3 ways TCS hires candidates for Digital Profile- TCS NQT,TCS Digital Hiring,CodeVita Contest.This is about… Read More
ThoughtWorks Interview Experience STEP program by ThoughtWorks for Diploma Students STEP is a twenty-month long intensive entry-level programme which follows a unique “work while you… Read More
Back in September 2020, I got a notification in my phone that Google’s flagship club program known as Developers Students Club has been started in… Read More
TCS organized its national qualifier test(NQT) in October 2020 for hiring students graduating in 2021. The test consisted of the following sections: Aptitude Programming MCQ… Read More
It was an On-Campus Opportunity for the post of Associate Software Engineer. ROUND 1 (Pymetric Test): The First round was a pymetrics test, which… Read More
For Full-Time 2021 Round 1(Online Coding Test): The Online Test was conducted on Hackerrank, 2 questions were asked  I don’t remember the exact questions, The… Read More
TCS CodeVita Coding test: Back in 2018, I’ve registered for codevita and gave the coding test. There were 6 coding problems and the difficulty was… Read More
CODING TEST The test has 5 sections and duration is 2 hours 15 minutes. All sections are mandatory. The Coding section has 2 programming questions… Read More
Round1 (Online coding round) : This round had 3 questions 1) Infix to post fix conversion 2) This question was same as level order traversal… Read More
I applied to the company in November 2020 and I was given two choices (Software developer / Go-To-Market). The Go-To-Market role had Sales Development /… Read More
The journey of Societe Generale – Global Solutions Centre started for me in the month of September 2020 when the company visited the campus. A… Read More
NPAV generally conducts on-campus pen and paper tests as the first round. All questions were to be solved using C/C++ only. The total time allotted… Read More
Due to the ongoing pandemic situation of Covid-19, there were not so many job opportunities for 2021 batch graduates. Then there came the announcement of… Read More
Branches Eligible: CS/IT / MCA Eligibility Criteria: 60% in 10th, 12th/Diploma, Engineering Aggregate, No Live Backlog Process: Online Test, Technical, HR Interview Online Test: The… Read More
This blog shows the case of a generic CORE branch student who finds his way to an IT company. Through this, you can get an… Read More