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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

The journey of Societe Generale – Global Solutions Centre started for me in the month of September 2020 when the company visited the campus. A… Read More
NPAV generally conducts on-campus pen and paper tests as the first round. All questions were to be solved using C/C++ only. The total time allotted… Read More
Due to the ongoing pandemic situation of Covid-19, there were not so many job opportunities for 2021 batch graduates. Then there came the announcement of… Read More
Branches Eligible: CS/IT / MCA Eligibility Criteria: 60% in 10th, 12th/Diploma, Engineering Aggregate, No Live Backlog Process: Online Test, Technical, HR Interview Online Test: The… Read More
This blog shows the case of a generic CORE branch student who finds his way to an IT company. Through this, you can get an… Read More
The whole recruitment process of HSBC consisted of 4 rounds in total for the role of Trainee Software Engineer. Round 1: Written Assessment : The… Read More
Flipkart visited our campus virtually for placements in January 2021. Students of CS and circuit branches were eligible. Recruitment process consisted of 4 rounds in… Read More
Online Test (On HackerRank)- 1. String encoding with the count of frequency of characters. 2. Converting the date shown from one pattern to another. 3.… Read More
Round 1: Contained MCQ’s and 1 coding question (easy). After this round, approximately 40 students were shortlisted. There were 2 tech Interviews,1 Hr,1 managerial Interview… Read More
Company:  Nokia Networks & Solution Job Profile:   Telecom domain Development Automation Eligibility:   65% in college, No backlog, and  CSE/CSE DD/ECE ECE DD students … Read More
Round 1 (Online Coding Round) The first round was an online coding round where I had to solve 2 coding questions. Questions I got were… Read More
I applied to OLA through referral for the position of SDE1. Round 1 (F2F Virtual Interview): 4 DS Algo questions(codepair round on hackerrank). Q1: Reverse… Read More
Times Internet visited BITS Pilani for software engineer profile for their subsidiary, Circuit branches + Mech were eligible. There were total 4 rounds. As… Read More
After my gate exam I appeared for M.Tech interviews in many IITs and fortunately cleared M.Tech in CSE and AI in IIT Jodhpur. So I… Read More
Tayana Software Company came to our college for campus placement.  There was an aptitude test in the first round. They gave MCQ questions related to… Read More