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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

Morgan Stanley visited our campus for internship and full-time positions[6 months internship + Full Time]. I was offered 6-month internship. Round 1: This round had… Read More
Round-1: The first round comprised of 22 (20-MCQ and 2 Coding) questions including aptitude, logical, and technical portions(Test Duration: 1.5 hours):- Quantitative aptitude and Logical… Read More
Round 1(Online Test): Conducted on We Create Problem Platform Round 1 was the screening round which was an online test.  There were 6 sections in… Read More
I have applied to Amazon via LinkedIn. Finally, I got a mail stating that I can give my online test on Hacker-rank platform.  Round 1:… Read More
Branch – Electrical and Electronics Engineering Company Name – ZS Associates Profile – Business Technology Solutions Associate Verdict: Selected There were three Phases in the… Read More
Technical Round 1(1 hr): Interviewer tried to know how I gained experience in C/C++, what kind of work has been done in C/C++, my major… Read More
I appeared for the Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)Software Engineer Trainee interview in November 2020 and after few months in February 2021, I got the offer… Read More
Technical Round(1 hr): Technical Round(1 hr): Asked about Queue Data structure. Asked to write libraray for CyclicQueue class having 4 APIs: enqueue, dequeue,… Read More
Company Name: PricewaterhouseCoopers Job Role: Cyber Security analyst  Interview Location: Virtual, off-campus hiring Round 1(Online Aptitude Test): Mode: Online test, MCQs Sections: Analytical, Quantitative aptitude,… Read More
Difficulty Level: Easy Round 1(Resume Shortlisting): This is an off-campus internship. I’ve applied through the Linkedin platform. They’ll send you mail if you’re shortlisted. There… Read More
Pre-Assessment Test(Online): Total 31 MCQs based on quantitative aptitude and “What will be the output of following code” type questions. Total 1 hour and no… Read More
I applied for this codeathon through Hackerearth platform. It was a hiring codeathon for Software developer and data analyst role. I gave SDE test.  Round… Read More
I was contacted by HR on LinkedIn Round 1(Online Coding Round): Hackerrank platform 1 hour 30 min Given an input string, write a function that… Read More
Bold(Formerly known as LiveCareer) is a product company. HR connected over LinkedIn regarding the opportunity. The process started the next day only. There were 3… Read More
ABOUT COMPANY: EPAM is one of the dream-job for freshers nowadays which is getting exponentially popular.  This is a product-based company where you’ll provide end-to-end… Read More