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Interview 1 (45 mins) Q1) write a function that returns a different string every time it is called. Answer just return the time in the form of a… Read More
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This was for a Developer Specialist (JAVA,JAVASCRIPT) position(4-6 yrs). It was a very long process but was an awesome one!!! Round 1 (Telephonic) [ >… Read More
I recently had interviews with, Bangalore. Here’s my interview experience Written round: 1) Insert a number at its correct position in a sorted circular… Read More
I recently interviewed at Adobe, Noida office and got the offer. I had 1-year work experience. It was a standard process comprising of an aptitude… Read More
1st round online test- 1. Psychometric Test 2. General Aptitude 3. Analytical Aptitude 4. Verbal Skills 5. Computer Skills 6. Coding Skills Coding ques –… Read More
First of all, i got the mail and was asked to attend one online test. Online test had 6 parts-psychometric test, aptitude, logical, English, computer… Read More
Written Test: 1) 15 Aptitude Questions 2) 25 CS Fundamentals & Couple of output questions. 3) Coding Question: A thief trying to escape from a… Read More
Here goes my experience. Skype Round: 1) Level order traversal of a binary tree. Extend or modify the code to zig zag traversal.… Read More
1st Round : (2 hrs) 1. Implement LRU Cache, 2. Implement your own Blocking Queue. 3. Questions on Collections , a. How AtomicInteger works b.… Read More
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Telephonic: 1. Determine if Two Trees are Identical 2. Transform to Sum Tree Round 1 1. Left View of Binary Tree 2. Peak element Round… Read More
Hi, Recently i had interviews with Amazon. 1st Round (Telephonic): 1. Given an integer array and a constant number X, print all pair of number… Read More