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I went through some interview rounds for SDE-2 in amazon. Below is the format. Round1: LCA of Binary tree Finding minimum cost to combine n… Read More
Position : Senior Android Developer The competency would be Tech Fit (Problem Solving, Data Structures & Algorithm) First Round:Hey geek! It's time to become a… Read More
Senior android Developer Coding Round: Spirally traversing a matrix Longest Increasing Subsequence First Round: find “longest line” of 1’s in array. Hoizontal and Vertical. Array… Read More
Senior Android developer(4-8 years) Qualification & Experience- · 4-8 years of experience in software development · Experience in Mobile App development in Android is a… Read More
Only user-defined functions. No inbuilt functions at all. No scanning for inputs, directly assign to vars. Level 1: (2 hours – pen & paper) 1.Solve… Read More
Telephonic Round: Given a 2D matrix with elements 1 and 0, where 1 is land and 0 is water. Find the number of islands. Design… Read More
Oracle 3 years Java Experienced Kolkata location. I attended 2 rounds. Round 1Hey geek! It's time to become a success story instead of reading them.… Read More
1st Round : 1) 2) 3) Delete all nodes whose value is greater than K 2nd Round (1 hr 30 mins) 1) Clone a Binary… Read More
1) Technical round Explain me any one project / challenges / team size How did you solve the problem of concurrency in your project. Which… Read More
Below is the summary of interview round conducted by amazon. Although i am not able to remember correctly since its almost 2 months. Written Test… Read More
1st Round :- (1 hr) There is a graph where each node represents a city and it contains specific no. of people. A tournament is… Read More
Recently I have gone through interview with Amazon Chennai for Amazon FIRE TV team. Here is my positive experience. Round 1(written): 1. Run Length Encoding… Read More
Round -1 (Written Round) Pen and Paper Level order Traversal in spiral form. Design deck of cards with joker (53 cards). 1 array question need… Read More
Adobe visited Hyderabad for a recruitment drive. Interviews were held in Novotel convention center. F2f 1(1.5 hours)Hey geek! It's time to become a success story… Read More
Round 1: – Group anagrams from list of strings – Right view of binary tree Round 2: – Given Binary tree. Find whether its BST… Read More