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It was for the role of a Team-Lead for the first Siri Grading team in Hyderabad and I was referred by my friend. Tips :… Read More
Round 1: -You are given some blocks resting on ground. So you have array like : 1, 2, 3, 4 now at each index it… Read More
First Round – 1. Explain current project. 2. Mongo DB vs MySQL. 3. Singleton class and its application. 4. Print all pairs with given sum… Read More
The recruitment process consisted of 4 rounds, out of which the first two rounds were a bit different from other selection processes. Round 1: Cognitive… Read More
Position: SDE1 at Amazon Location: Bangalore/Hyderabad Date: 7 March, 2020 Online Assessment There were two coding questions: 1. One based on standard BFS in a… Read More
Round 1: Telephone Interview Initial, Questions were mostly from Technologies mentioned in the Resume. After that they entered into coding part and they shared a… Read More
InfyTq Certification Experience for 2021 freshers. Unlike Last year (2019) this year of infytq certification had a qualifier round, and anyone clearing the qualifier round… Read More
Current Status: Senior Software Engineer with 7+ YOE Position: Backend Engineer II at Spotify Location: Stockholm Date: Oct 2019 Rounds: 1. Initial phone call from… Read More
Round 1: Telephonic 60 mins round – Serialize and deserialize a binary tree /bst Round 2: Culture fit round . About previous work and about… Read More
Round 1: Coding round Question 1 : Largest BST in binary tree Question 2 : Bottom view of a binary tree Round 2: Project discussions… Read More
Round 1:  I received a call from one of the recruitment firms 1 week before the interviews which were held in  Microsoft Noida Office. The first… Read More
Recently I was interviewed with KLA for Software Technical Lead position and here is my experience. Usually the interview process would include a hacker rank… Read More
Round 1: Written (1.5 hours) This round consisted of two sections- 10 questions from each section. Technical: Output for C programs which were on Operator… Read More
Round 1: Online test MCQs related to SQL, Linux Comprehension based questions (MCQs) Aptitude and logical reasoning questions. C/C++ MCQs Program to find a cycle in… Read More
Experience: More than 1.5 years Round 1: Written Test, I have to complete 3 code and 2 SQL in 45 minutes.  a. You are climbing… Read More