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Android Studio is the official integrated development environment for Google’s Android operating system, built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA software and designed specifically for Android app… Read More
A C++ tuple is a container that can store multiple values of multiple types in it. We can access the elements of the tuple using… Read More
Expandable Cardview provides to create expansion panels without too much hassle and without writing boilerplate code. An expandable card-view becomes quite useful when it comes… Read More
Google Fonts provide a wide variety of fonts that can be used to style the text in Android Studio. Appropriate fonts do not just enhance… Read More
Django is a fully fleshed framework which can help you create web applications of any form. This article discusses how to get parameters passed by… Read More
Kali Linux is considered as the best perpetration testing Linux distribution as it comes with every important tool pre-installed in it. If you have a… Read More
The floating-point numbers serve as rough approximations of mathematical real numbers. They do not represent the exact value. For this reason, we compare the arithmetic… Read More
A nested RecyclerView is an implementation of a RecyclerView within a RecyclerView. An example of such a layout can be seen in a variety of… Read More
Lite-server is a lightweight development server that serves a web application, opens it in the browser, and refreshes the page when HTML or JavaScript changes… Read More
We all know that nowadays Python is one of the most popular coding languages among all.  While installing Python, one IDE named IDLE is also… Read More
The auto keyword in C++ specifies that the type of the variable that is being declared will be automatically deducted from its initializer. In case… Read More
Julia is a programming language that uses multiple dispatches as a feature where a method or a function can be dynamically dispatched based on the… Read More
Apache Kafka is a publish-subscribe messaging queue used for real-time streams of data. A messaging queue lets you send messages between processes, applications, and servers.… Read More
Github has recently added a really cool feature that allows you to add a README to your GitHub profile. It’s just like an “About Me”… Read More
Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform UI development kit developed by Google. It is gaining popularity these days, as the app made in flutter can run… Read More

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