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When the whole nation is on the verge of lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic and all Geeks across the country have to stay indoors, how… Read More
Everybody had heard of Google! It’s the most famous tech company in the world with its products used by almost everyone on the planet. But… Read More
The COVID-19 pandemic has led the globe to the lockdown state and till now, social distancing is the only way to break this transmission chain… Read More
Prerequisite: Introduction to Wireshark This article will introduce the methods of packet capturing and analyzing. It will also introduce some advanced tools that are used… Read More
The word CAPTCHA stands for the Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart How many of you’ve got had to fill… Read More
Do you remember, why did you start your college journey? To make a successful career, needless to say! And what are you doing now to… Read More
Two Factor Authentication or 2FA is an advanced method of user authentication and a subset of multi-factor authentication mechanisms. 2FA enhances the security of its… Read More
We always press the power button of laptop or PC without even thinking what is really happening inside the laptop as soon as we press… Read More
A lot of people fantasize about working from the comfort of their own home and people are also getting this opportunity due to some circumstances… Read More
The whole nation is in the state of lockdown due to COVID-19 and to win a war against this outbreak, all we can do is… Read More
Software technology is in the midst of a major computational shift towards distributed object computing DOC. Distributed computing is poised for a second client-server revolution,… Read More
Data Science is one of the most popular technical fields in current times. And why not? Almost every industry ranging from healthcare, automobile or even… Read More
Below are some simple steps that I have learned with my experiences with coding. Learn a programming language, preferably C++ or Java. The advantage of… Read More
Cloud computing is the latest buzzword in the IT sector. Today it has become a critical element in the business and it has changed the… Read More
In today’s era, for every single task, whether it be sharing of data, watching videos, booking a cab, and many more, there is only one… Read More

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