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The current COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our daily routines into chaos. Despite all the hurdles, many inventors got motivated instead to build new technology to… Read More
A picture is worth a thousand words! Data Visualization proves this proverb correct in so many ways. It is always more impactful to see a… Read More
If we find a person with a rare intellect, we should ask him about the books he reads. A book can define a person’s nature… Read More
In software engineering interview process system design round has become a standard part of the interview. If you want to get your dream job in… Read More
We live in the trenches of growing Artificial Intelligence which is associated with special powers so that the doctors who embrace AI can onlook their… Read More
As Andrew Ng rightly quoted “AI is the new electricity” and the latest domain that AI is exploring is healthcare. With the power to perform… Read More
When talking about Data Science, it is impossible not to talk about R. In fact, it can be said that R is the best language… Read More
Job Control Language(JCL) is a scripting language that describe jobs, to the Operating System that runs in the IBM large server(Mainframe) computers. JCL acts as… Read More
Android is a Mobile Operating System that was released on 23, September 2008. Android is free, open-source operating system and is based on modified version… Read More
What’s the first thing for any website to create a good impression on a user? …  Yes…it’s the user interface for any website. Every developer… Read More
Are you working as a junior developer and want to make a jump in your career? … Have you spent a few years in the industry as… Read More
As we know, most of the organizations are shifting their businesses to cloud but the way to decide which cloud to settle on. There are… Read More
Ethical hacking refers to offensive testing of computer systems in order to find out security-related loopholes. These loopholes are called security vulnerabilities. It has been… Read More
Page Title tells the user and search engine about the type and the nature of the information available on your page. It also refers to… Read More
If you want to do any task easily, effectively, and efficiently then you should use some tools. Though there are lots of different software development… Read More

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