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Data Structure and Algorithms are indeed mandatory things in almost every tech interview. Whether it be Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or any other big tech player… Read More
Do you remember the old childhood days when you used to spend the entire day and sometimes even skipped meals to play Nintendo games (Ah,… Read More
‘How to Prepare for the Technical Interviews?’ This may be considered as the most-searched query of the students over the web. And there are a… Read More
Do you want to learn Kotlin for Android app development or enhance your Kotlin skills? If yes, then you are on the right track. This… Read More
In this, we will discuss the overview part of market automation, its examples, the importance of market automation, and will also discuss the importance of… Read More
Social engineering is a specialty of controlling individuals to unveil delicate data to perform some malicious action. Despite security policies, attackers can compromise an organization’s… Read More
.bg-primary .bg-danger breadcrumb alert-success dropdown data-toggle=”collapse” col-md-4 Aren’t all the above words familiar to you?? If yes….then surely you’re using bootstrap (or you might have… Read More
The last time this world changed a lot was with the invention of the internet! Can you imagine ever living without the ever-present Google or… Read More
Do you wish to pursue your master’s or post-graduate studies abroad? Are you aiming for education in the worlds’ top universities? Then the exams that… Read More
Though in today’s digitally-advanced world, we’re having various distinct sources to expand our knowledge about anything such as via YouTube videos, blogs, etc. However, among… Read More
It has been widely observed that there is a huge gap in the number of men and women working in technical fields, and this leads… Read More
Cybersecurity is like Tom and Jerry! While Tom always tries new ways to catch Jerry, he manages to escape in some way or another. Most… Read More
Cloud computing is currently one of the hottest technologies in the industry and the spike is well attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. Even before the… Read More
Redux is one of the most confusing and probably a difficult topic for someone who is trying to learn it from scratch. But why?? Is… Read More
1. MEAN Stack Developer: MEAN refers to M for MongoDB (No SQL database) E for Express.js (a framework on top of Node.js) A for Angular… Read More

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