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Overview :An Application programming interface is a software interface that helps in connecting between the computer or between computer programs. It is an interface that… Read More
Many individuals have some sort of employment gap in their respective professional careers due to various personal or professional reasons. In fact, in today’s times,… Read More
It’s tough, it’s competitive, it’s rewarding, and it’s fun. Guess which sport are we talking about?   The answer is Coding. And we find it… Read More
Is this really possible for all of us and the organizations to have a balance of privacy in the digital age!! Yes, the organizations can,… Read More
In web development, there are different types of frameworks used in various fields. As a web developer, if you are looking for something that helps… Read More
CryptoCurrency nowadays is in most demand and many people are investing in these currencies to get high returns. Many websites and applications provide us information… Read More
IIT Guwahati conducted their Mtech-PhD (Dual Degree) interview through online mode amidst the pandemic situation. Note: This dual degree program is different from the Ph.D. program… Read More
What is Social Engineering? The best and easiest definition of the term Social Engineering is : “Social engineering is lying to people to get information.” … Read More
In this article, we will discuss an overview of the weirdest Batteries in the world. And will also discuss some types of batteries and will… Read More
In traditional businesses, there are two segregated groups which are development teams and operation engineers. They work on the development working in their bubble, releasing… Read More
We all know that technology is evolving every day. Every day new technologies or frameworks are coming out in the market. Old ones are becoming… Read More
Android, the world’s most used mobile operating system. Many features of it make it different and better from other mobile operating systems. Learning Android App… Read More
Here, we are going to make an application for the “GeeksForGeeks” website. By making this application we will be able to learn that how we… Read More
During a job interview, when candidates are asked – “What are your Strengths and Weaknesses”, most of the time they either opt to become too… Read More
We all can see how this COVID-19 pandemic has caused many unwanted and unprecedented changes in every industrial sector whether it be Automobile, Hospitality, Aviation,… Read More

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