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SQL stands for Structured Query Language which is used to interact with a relational database. It is a tool for managing, organizing, manipulating, and retrieving… Read More
Change is the only constant thing and according to Darwin’s Theory of Survival of the fittest, the individual who adapts to the evolving world will… Read More
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In the corporate world, they say “Java is immortal!”. But Why? Java remains one of the major platforms for developing enterprise applications. Enterprise Applications are… Read More
Web developers mostly focus on how to create an eye-catching UI, but almost everything on which UI (front-end) functionality is dependent is Back-End. Back-End development,… Read More
“Buy the dip”… “Invest in XYZ Mutual Fund” … “Invest in NFTs”… and many more investment advice you must be getting on a regular basis… Read More
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The internship is a professional experience that offers a practical approach to students as per their career interests. As per the survey, 50% of internships… Read More
Software testing is the process of evaluating a software application and, testers are the professionals who are involved in the evaluation process of software development.… Read More
Linux is a great OS that offers multiple options for simplifying tasks. It has everything you need for working more efficiently, whether a command-line or… Read More

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