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Problem statement As we all know, in a spring application we provide configuration information through ‘ApplicationContext’. There are multiple classes provided by spring framework that… Read More
The following code in python uses OpenCV library which is employed for image processing techniques. The program allows the detection of a specific color in… Read More
A path traversal attack allows attackers to access directories that they should not be accessing, like config files or any other files/directories that may contains… Read More
Code injection is the malicious injection or introduction of code into an application. The code introduced or injected is capable of compromising database integrity and/or… Read More
Getting Started with JavaScript Backend Basics The following article is a continuation to my previous article. In this article, we will dive deep into some… Read More
I got updates on for my Debian-based Linux operating system and in between system got crashed. It automatically rebooted, after that all I was able… Read More
The popularity of Node.js has definitely boosted the use of javascript as a backend language, and in order to get started with javascript in the… Read More
Selenium is a powerful tool for controlling a web browser through the program. It is functional for all browsers, works on all major OS and… Read More
You may first like to read: How Google Search Works! Let’s now have a look at some important terminology: Search Engine: A program that searches for… Read More
Open Source softwares are softwares for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. As a Programmer, we… Read More
Suppose you are creating an account on Geekbook, you want to enter a cool username, you entered it and got a message, “Username is already… Read More
This article focuses on how one can parse a XML file in Java.XML : XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. It was designed to store… Read More
The Google Search: It happens billions of times a day in the blink of an eye and we can have anything before us our minds… Read More
How would you design the data structures for a very large social network like Facebook or Linkedln? Describe how you would design an algorithm to… Read More
A few months back while looking at the HackerEarth developer profile of one of my seniors in college I discovered that one of the languages… Read More

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