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Forgot your password?… Let’s reset with the whole concept. So what is your Password? PassWord PassssWord1 Paasword9876… or Names of favorite sports personalities, celebs, and… Read More
To connect or Not to connect is the question of our time. ‘Wi-Fi’ this tiny four-letter word gives us such incomparable joy and if it’s… Read More
Anyone who was beyond infancy in the mid – 1990’s will remember the O.J. Simpson trial that dominated all the news and broadcast channels worldwide.… Read More
In this growing age of technology, everyone has a lot of files stored in their smartphones. Some of these documents are meant to be private.… Read More
Github….facebook for developers. Giving this name to this amazing site is not injustice. Afterall this site not only helps you to host your code with… Read More
Computers have changed our lives in unimaginable ways. They have made our lives so much easier. Here are 10 scintillating facts about computers: The first… Read More
Winter is coming and so is the placement season! And there are many companies that recruit during this time including product-based companies, startups or service-based… Read More
Digitization is driving a change in the way companies make decisions and development process. Analyzing data that are generated by various digital platforms is a… Read More
To know about Starlink first we will see what is constellation? A constellation is a group of bright stars that form a perceivable pattern. We… Read More
The amount of information we are surrounded with is literally exploding every single day and there is an immediate need to organise all these data.… Read More
Do you have any interesting idea to add a feature in the VLC media player, the most popular media player used by millions of users… Read More
Machine Learning is currently the hottest career around and its popularity is only increasing! Currently, Machine Learning Engineer ranks The Best Job of 2019 with… Read More
How would you feel if there was no basic cleanliness and people just threw garbage wherever they wanted to? Pretty angry, I guess! And you… Read More
The browser on which the current page is opening can be checked using JavaScript. The userAgent property of the navigator object is used to return… Read More
With the ever-rising need for cybersecurity experts, there has never been a better time to become an ethical hacker. If you have ever grown up… Read More

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