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The lollipop graph consists of 2 components a complete graph called clique and a path graph. More precisely L (m ,n)  is a graph with… Read More
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It is a graph with 46 vertices and 69 edges. It is important because it is an exception to Tait’s conjecture which states that every… Read More
An incidence matrix is simply a matrix that contains information about the relationship between objects (or instances) of any two classes. The rows of the… Read More
Given an undirected graph with N vertices and N edges that contain only one cycle, and an array arr[] of size N, where arr[i] denotes… Read More
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Given a 2D array houses[][] consisting of N 2D coordinates {x, y} where each coordinate represents the location of each house, the task is to… Read More
Tarjan’s Algorithm: The Tarjan’s Algorithm is an efficient graph algorithm that is used to find the Strongly Connected Component(SCC) in a directed graph by using… Read More
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