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G-Fact 9

The number of structurally different Binary Trees with n nodes is Catalan number Cn = (2n)!/(n+1)!*n! References: My Personal Notes arrow_drop_up Save

G-Fact 8


To uniquely construct a Binary Tree, Inorder together with either Postorder or Preorder must be given (See this for details). However, either Postorder or Preorder… Read More »

G-Fact 7


“Pointer arithmetic and array indexing [that] are equivalent in C, pointers and arrays are different” – Wayne Throop References: My Personal Notes arrow_drop_up Save

G-Fact 6


The C standard C99 allows inline functions and variable-length-arrays. So following functions are valid in C99 compliant compilers. Example for inline functions filter_none edit close… Read More »

G-Fact 5


A large proportion of programming languages are bootstrapped, including BASIC, C, Pascal, Factor, Haskell, Modula-2, Oberon, OCaml, Common Lisp, Scheme, and more. References:… Read More »

G-Fact 4


In C, function parameters are always passed by value. Pass-by-reference is simulated in C by explicitly passing pointer values. My Personal Notes arrow_drop_up Save