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VGA Full Form

VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. VGA standard was first developed by IBM. It uses analog signals, delivers 640×480 resolution screen with 16 colors at… Read More »

SJF Full Form

SJF stands for Shortest Job First. It is a type of CPU scheduling. This algorithm associate with each process the length of the latter’s next… Read More »

ACPI Full Form

ACPI stands for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface . As the name suggests, ACPI is responsible for the management of power in our computer system.… Read More »

LFU Full Form

LFU stands for Least Frequently Used. It is a cache algorithm that is used to optimize the memory of the computer. In this algorithm, the… Read More »

WAN Full Form

WAN stands for Wide Area Network. It is a computer network that covers a large geographical area consisting of two or more LANs or MANs.… Read More »

FDD Full Form

FDD stands for Feature-Driven Development. It is an agile iterative and incremental model that focuses on progressing the features of the developing software. The main… Read More »

DES Full Form

DES stands for Data Encryption Standard. DES is a symmetric cryptographic algorithm. It encrypts the data using the symmetric key algorithm (there will be a… Read More »

SGRAM Full Form

SGRAM stands for Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory. It is a type of DRAM, generally used for video memory. SGRAM is clock-synchronized, just like DRAM.… Read More »

RDBMS Full Form

RDBMS stands for Relational DataBase Management Systems. It is basically a program that allows us to create, delete, and update a relational database. It is… Read More »