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Power BI is a data visualization and business intelligence tool which is used to connect to various data sources that include WooCommerce and can also… Read More
We can easily create charts with the help of data points and data sources. But, If we have more data points added to our data… Read More
Excel is an important software provided by Microsoft Corporation. This software belongs to one of the major software suites Office 365. In this software suite,… Read More
Power View is the visualization technology that brings our data to life. It is available in Microsoft Excel, on Power BI desktop or we can… Read More
Excel VBA is an object-oriented programming language, which means in excel every component is an object. The superset of all the objects of excel is… Read More
When we use VBA to write code in excel or when we any programming language to write code we may encounter errors that need to… Read More
Excel is a wonderful tool and helps you to perform difficult tasks easily by using the defined functions. One such function in MS Excel is… Read More
We may group dates, numbers, and text fields in a pivot table. Organize dates, for instance, by year and month. In a pivot table field,… Read More
Most Excel spreadsheets need you to manually insert data into cells before analyzing it or performing calculations using formulae or other functions. You may use… Read More
We may use Power Query to generate new columns whose values depend on one or more criteria that have been applied to existing columns in… Read More
Excel directly doesn’t provide us ready to use a database, but we can create one using relationships between various tables. This type of relationship helps… Read More
VBA stands for visual basic for application. Excel VBA is an object-based programming language, it is used while recording a macro i.e., it uses the… Read More
A step Chart is a kind of line chart which uses horizontal and vertical lines to connect two different data points and forms a step-like… Read More
In Excel, Power Query is a business intelligence tool that is used to analyze the data imported from different sources. With the help of power… Read More
An Organization Chart is also referred to as An Org Chart. This chart is used to show the internal structure and hierarchy of different roles… Read More

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