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Category Archives: Greedy

Given a string S of length N containing only lowercase alphabets, also given a permutation P of length N containing integers from 0 to N-1.… Read More
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Best-first search is what the AO* algorithm does. The AO* method divides any given difficult problem into a smaller group of problems that are then… Read More
Given a grid of size, 2 rows * N columns and array Q[][2] of size M, the task for this problem is to check traversal… Read More
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Given an array arr[] of length N. Find a positive integer K such that the difference between any pair of array elements is not a… Read More
Given an integer N, denoting the size of a circular array containing non-zero elements and an array arr[] of size M having the indices of… Read More
Given a matrix mat[][] of size N * N, where mat[i][j] represents the time taken to reach from ith city to jth city. Also, given… Read More
Given an array arr[], the task is to find the maximum sum possible such that any subarray of the indices from [l, r] i.e all… Read More
Given an array vals[] of size N, where each element represents the value of each node (0 ≤ index ≤ N-1) and an array Edges[]… Read More
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