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In JavaScript, there are two types of references strong and weak. The WeakSet and WeakMap are called weak references. Since these are weak references they… Read More
The main distinction between Addison syndrome and Cushing’s disease is that Cushing’s syndrome exhibits an excess of cortisol while Addison’s disease exhibits a hormonal deficiency… Read More
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The EDG and EWG, both are electrophilic aromatic directing groups. And these are forms of substituents that we can find in organic compounds. If you’ve… Read More
The environment is simply the surrounding in which we live, along with other living and non-living components. These components interact with each other and their… Read More
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Carbohydrates and lipids are essential elements in all living things. These are organic molecules that are important sources of energy. As a result, we consume… Read More
Cell walls of gram-positive bacteria are thick and predominantly made of peptidoglycan. In the cell wall of gram-positive bacteria, long chains of sugars and amino… Read More
The basic difference between the glottis and epiglottis is, the glottis opens the windpipe between the larynx, and it also determines the voice type, it… Read More
JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and it is used by millions of developers to create dynamic and interactive… Read More
Maternal defines the things that are related to the mother. The paternal represents something that is related to the father. The maternal and paternal can… Read More
The solution defines the mixture of two or more compounds. In our house too, we prepare many solutions like lemon juice, sugar solution and many… Read More
Wildlife is considered the primary natural heritage around the world. Regular industrialization and deforestation have created the threat of extinction of wildlife. therefore countries designate… Read More
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The human eye is a crucial body part consisting of several structures, including the iris, pupil, cornea, sclera, and conjunctiva. The conjunctiva and sclera are… Read More