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Optical Fibre Cables are based on the idea that light can be confined within a bent glass rod by total internal reflection. Nowadays, optical fibers… Read More
Extraction means “pulling out” and Retrieval means “getting back.” Information retrieval is about returning the information that is relevant for a specific query or field… Read More
1. Hub : A Hub is just a connector and connects the wires coming form different slides. There is no signal processing or regeneration. It… Read More
Nowadays, a lot of organizations have started to build their own network storage system to fulfill the ever-lasting demands of data storage performance. Local Area… Read More
LACP: LACP is a layer 2 protocol it is also known as IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation control protocol; LACP is an open standard protocol used… Read More
One of the most important features in CSS Grid is that we can create a responsive layout without using a media query. We don’t need… Read More
In JavaScript, users can declare a variable using 3 keywords that are var, let, and const. In this article, we will see the differences between… Read More
So here we are basically discussing what is Kubernetes and Docker, what is the difference between them, how they work, and also discussing some points… Read More
Gauss Elimination Method: Gauss Elimination Method is one of the most widely used methods. This method is a systematic process of eliminating unknowns from the… Read More
Tailwind CSS was initially developed by Adam Wathan, and the first version was released back on the 1st of November, 2017. Tailwind CSS is a… Read More
1. Data Driven Testing :Data driven testing or DDT is also named Parameterized testing. DDT is a process of testing software which is used to… Read More
bash and sh are two different shells of the Unix operating system. bash is sh, but with more features and better syntax. Bash is “Bourne… Read More
1. MTP3 :This Message Transfer Part (MTP3) is an Part of the Signaling System And it is used for Communication in Public Switching (Communication)Telephone Networks… Read More
The words Type and Kind are very common words in English speeches and writings. Both of the words are very commonly used on daily basis… Read More
Exception::getMessage: The getMessage exception in PHP language is basically used by the programmers to know the Exception message. It means that whenever an exception condition… Read More

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