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Argument An argument is a value passed to a function when the function is called. Whenever any function is called during the execution of the… Read More
Quality Assurance: Quality assurance is a method of making the software application with less defects and mistakes when it is finally released to the end… Read More
Functional Testing: Functional testing is a type of software testing in which the system is tested against the functional requirements and specifications. Functional testing ensures… Read More
Interface Testing: Interface Testing is a type of software testing type that checks the proper communication between two different software systems. Interface is the connection… Read More
There are 2 types of Parsing techniques present parsing, the first one is Top-down parsing and the second one is Bottom-up parsing. Top-down parsing is… Read More
Testing: Testing is the process of verifying and validating that a software or application is bug free, meets the technical requirements as guided by its… Read More
Hadoop is an open source software programming framework for storing a large amount of data and performing the computation. Its framework is based on Java… Read More
This article highlights the differences between a class and an interface in Java. They seem syntactically similar, both containing methods and variables, but they are… Read More
For International Network communication, we require a web browser and web servers. Web browser and servers play an important role to establish the connection. The… Read More
POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) both are MAA (Message accessing agent), both of these protocols are used to the… Read More
Views: A View is a virtual relation that acts as an actual relation. It is not a part of logical relational model of the database… Read More
Integer.parseInt(): While operating upon strings, there are times when we need to convert a number represented as a string into an integer type. The method… Read More
Managed code is the code which is managed by the CLR(Common Language Runtime) in .NET Framework. Whereas the Unmanaged code is the code which is… Read More
Alpha Testing is a type of software testing performed to identify bugs before releasing the product to real users or to the public. Alpha Testing… Read More
HTML: HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is used to create web pages and web applications. It is a markup language. By HTML we can create… Read More

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