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In this article, we will discuss the overview of the Internet of Things and Computers and mainly will focus on the difference between IoT devices… Read More
Spring Boot is built on the top of the spring and contains all the features of spring. And is becoming a favorite of developers these… Read More
This article will give the idea of undefined & undeclared variables in Javascript, also discussing their differences & understanding the implementation through the examples. In… Read More
In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between Windows 11 and Windows 10. Windows 10 Windows 10 is the last generation of… Read More
A shell is a program that interprets our commands and gives the written commands to the operating system. It acts as an interface between the… Read More
A distributed system is a model where distributed applications are running on multiple computers linked by a communications network. Sometimes it is also called loosely… Read More
The bisection method is used for finding the roots of equations of non-linear equations of the form f(x) = 0 is based on the repeated… Read More
Pre-requisites: Header files in C/ C++ and its uses The difference between the two types is in the location where the preprocessor searches for the… Read More
In this article, we will see what Squarespace & WordPress is, along with knowing their features, advantages & disadvantages & the basic difference between them.… Read More
An array is a linear data structure which is having contiguous memory. In a single variable, we can store n number of elements. For example,… Read More
Some folks use function and method interchangeably and they think function and method are the same in swift. But, function and method both are different… Read More
In this article, we will see the  mysqli_fetch_array() & mysqli_fetch_object() function in PHP. The mysqli_fetch_object() function returns objects from the database, whereas mysqli_fetch_array() function delivers… Read More
The object is the parent class from which all the javascript objects are inherited and these two methods are the static methods of the Object… Read More
Cloud computing refers to the on-demand delivery of IT services/resources over the internet. On-demand computing service over the internet is nothing but cloud computing. By… Read More
FIND_IN_SET(…): This function returns the index(starting from 1) of the required string in a given list of strings if it is present in the list.… Read More

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