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Any person is being identified and called by their name. The name identifies a person uniquely in a group of people. The name differs from… Read More
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Two eukaryotic cell lines are combined to create cybrids and hybrids. They are wildly popular in the field of cytogenetics. Heteroplasts and cytoplasmic hybrids are… Read More
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Pneumothorax and Tension Pneumothorax are the two medical terms that cause lung organs with severe breathing problems. Both these problems are raised due to the… Read More
The epithelium is a type of tissue that forms the outer layer of the body and helps to protect the underlying tissues from damage and… Read More
QNX stands for QNX is Not Unix. QNX is a Unix-like Real Time Operating System, which is dedicated primarily to the field of embedded systems.… Read More
There are two temperature scales used to determine temperature: Celsius and Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit uses the English system, whereas Celsius uses the metric system. The Swedish… Read More
The terms morbidity and mortality, which characterize the health status of individuals and populations, are crucial in the field of healthcare. Morbidity is the frequency… Read More
The Panchayati Raj system is an Indian decentralised form of local self-government that attempts to deliver democracy to the people. The word “Panchayati Raj” literally… Read More
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