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Given a matrix arr[][] of dimensions N * M, having elements 0, 1, and 2. There is only one cell with value 1 present in… Read More
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Given two natural numbers N and M, Create a graph using these two natural numbers using relation that a number is connected to its largest… Read More
Dijkstra’s algorithm is one of the most popular algorithms for solving many single-source shortest path problems having non-negative edge weight in the graphs i.e., it… Read More
Given a Directed Acyclic Graph having V vertices and E edges, where each edge {U, V} represents the Jobs U and V such that Job… Read More
Given a binary matrix mat[][] of dimensions NxM such that 1 denotes the island and 0 denotes the water. The task is to find the… Read More
Prerequisites: DFS, Trees, DSUGiven a tree with of N nodes from value 1 to N and E edges and array arr[] which denotes number associated… Read More
Given an Acyclic Undirected Graph in the form of a Binary Tree with the root at vertex 1 and values at each vertex [1, N]… Read More
Given a boolean matrix mat[][] consisting of N rows and M columns, initially filled with 0‘s(empty cells), an integer K and queries Q[][] of the… Read More
Given two integers R and C, denoting the number of rows and columns in a matrix, and two integers X and Y, the task is… Read More
Data Structure is the way of storing data in computer’s memory so that it can be used easily and efficiently. There are different data-structures used… Read More

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