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Category Archives: Arrays

Given an unsorted array, find the minimum difference between any pair in given array. Examples : Input : {1, 5, 3, 19, 18, 25}; Output… Read More
Recently, VMWare has visited our campus for hiring interns and they have put a CGPA cut off of 7/10. There were 2 rounds in total.… Read More
Given a sorted array of positive integers, rearrange the array alternately i.e first element should be maximum value, second minimum value, third second max, fourth… Read More
Given an array of integers, count number of subarrays (of size more than one) that are strictly increasing. Expected Time Complexity : O(n) Expected Extra… Read More
Subarray/Substring A subbarray is a contiguous part of array. An array that is inside another array. For example, consider the array [1, 2, 3, 4],… Read More
Given a Binary Number as a string, print its 1’s and 2’s complements.1’s complement of a binary number is another binary number obtained by toggling… Read More
The longest Zig-Zag subsequence problem is to find length of the longest subsequence of given sequence such that all elements of this are alternating. If… Read More
Given a pattern containing only I’s and D’s. I for increasing and D for decreasing. Devise an algorithm to print the minimum number following that… Read More
Given a matrix of size M x N, there are large number of queries to find submatrix sums. Inputs to queries are left top and… Read More
Telephonic round: (1 hour) It is started with interviewer introduction followed by my introduction. Need to write the code in shared docs. They shared CollabEdit… Read More
Given an set of positive integers. find the maximum XOR subset value in the given set. Expected time complexity O(n). Examples: Input: set[] = {2,… Read More
We are given two sorted arrays. We need to merge these two arrays such that the initial numbers (after complete sorting) are in the first… Read More
1. Topological sort. 2. Reverse linked list in pairs. (1->2->3->4 to 2->1->4->3) 3. Print a binary tree in spiral order 4. Reverse an array without… Read More
Given two binary arrays arr1[] and arr2[] of same size n. Find length of the longest common span (i, j) where j >= i such… Read More
ROUND 1: First round was aptitude round, 10 question in 30 minute. Level of difficulty: easy. For each correct answer 2 marks will be awarded… Read More