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Last month i was interviewed by Ola for SDE 1 post. Here is my experience. Round 1 a. Inorder predecessor and successor for a given… Read More
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Given a Binary Search Tree(BST), find the second largest element. Examples: Input: Root of below BST 10 / 5 Output: 5 Input: Root of below… Read More
Round 1: written Apti, C, C++, OS, DS Round 2: coding 2 questions, 30 mins 1. Serialize and deserialize a given n-ary tree.      Ans: solved… Read More
Design a data structure to do reservations of future jobs on a single machine under following constraints. 1) Every job requires exactly k time units… Read More
In a Binary Search Tree (BST), all keys in left subtree of a key must be smaller and all keys in right subtree must be… Read More
I had interview with VMWare. Their process is 1 written test followed by 1 telephonic and 3/4 f2f interviews. Writtent test Very basic questions. They… Read More
I had an interview with Their process is online coding test followed by a telephonic and f2f interviews. Written test The person who wrote… Read More
Hash Table supports following operations in Θ(1) time. 1) Search 2) Insert 3) Delete The time complexity of above operations in a self-balancing Binary Search… Read More
Written MCQ There were 20 multiple choice questions to be done in 30 minutes time and most of the technical questions were from geeksquiz ,… Read More
Given a Binary Search Tree (BST) and a positive integer k, find the k’th largest element in the Binary Search Tree. For example, in the following… Read More
Given n appointments, find all conflicting appointments.  Examples: Input: appointments[] = { {1, 5} {3, 7}, {2, 6}, {10, 15}, {5, 6}, {4, 100}} Output:… Read More
Hi, Recently i had interviews with Amazon. 1st Round (Telephonic): 1. Given an integer array and a constant number X, print all pair of number… Read More
Recently, Amazon visited our campus and I was interviewed for SDE position. Here is my Interview Experience: Online Round: (Duration – 90 minutes) 20 MCQs… Read More