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Category Archives: Engineering Mathematics

Probability refers to the extent of the occurrence of events. When an event occurs like throwing a ball, picking a card from the deck, etc.,… Read More
Planar Graph :If a graph can be drawn on the plane without crossing, it is said to be planar.Coloring of a simple graph is the… Read More
Overview :An integer p>1 is called a prime number, or prime if the only positive divisors of p are 1 and p. An integer q>1… Read More
Introduction : A proof is a valid argument that establishes the truth of a mathematical statement. A proof can use the hypothesis of the theorem, if… Read More
What is the Basel Problem :The Basel problem is an issue of Pietro Mengoli’s theory of numbers in 1644 and Leonhard Euler’s resolution in 1734.… Read More
A graph G is a collection of a set of vertices and a set of edges that connects those vertices. It consists of two sets:… Read More
If you are wondering what are imaginary numbers and thinking that there must be a meaning for imaginary number, Then lets get into the article… Read More
Introduction :The set of natural numbers is axiomatically defined below. G. Peano, an Italian mathematician, and J. W. R. Dedekind, a German mathematician, are credited… Read More
Prerequisite :  Rings in Discrete Mathematics Introduction :Algebraic Structure : A non-empty set G equipped with 1 or more binary operations is called algebraic structure.Example… Read More
Introduction :A hypergraph is a graph in which hyperedges (generalized edges) can connect to a subset of vertices/nodes rather than two vertices/nodes.The edges (also known… Read More
Prerequisite : Knowledge  of Matrices & Identity Matrix Introduction :A matrix is a collection of numbers arranged in a row-by-row and column-by-column arrangement. The elements… Read More
Introduction :A Graph G consists of vertices & edges. The edges are lines or arcs that connect any two nodes in the graph, and the… Read More
Introduction :The most basic form of logic is propositional logic. Propositions, which have no variables, are the only assertions that are considered. Because there are… Read More
The Pythagoras Theorem states that in a right angled triangle, ‘a’ being the base, ‘b’ being the height and ‘c’ being the hypotenuse of  that… Read More
Surds :Let x is a rational number(i.e. can be expressed in p/q form where q ≠ 0) and n is any positive integer such that… Read More

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