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Category Archives: Computer Networks

1. Dense wavelength division multiplexers (DWDM) :DWDM refers to Dense wavelength division multiplexers. It is the modules that put data from different sources together on… Read More
1. Synchronous TDM :Synchronous time division multiplexing (STDM), every device which is present in this has given the same time slot to transmit data. This… Read More
User authentication is the first most priority while responding to the request made by the user to the software application. There are several mechanisms made… Read More
Prerequisite – Protocols in Application Layer  Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a protocol that helps the computers clock times to be synchronized in a network.… Read More
An SSL certificate is a Digital certificate that can be used for authentication of a website, and we can create a secured connection between client… Read More
Prerequisite – Introduction of MAC Address, and Difference between MAC Address and IP Address A Media Access Control address is unique in nature which is… Read More
Router port forwarding is used to allow the remote computers to connect to a specific service or computer on a Local Area Network. Now the… Read More
Web Scripting Virus is malware that has the capacity to breach web browser security.  When it breaches the web browser security, it injects some malicious… Read More
1. Penetration Testing :Penetration testing is done for finding vulnerabilities, malicious content, flaws and risks. It is done to build up the organizations’ security system… Read More
The first approach we examine is traffic aware routing. These schemes adapted to change in topology, but not change the load. The goal of taking… Read More
Millions of people use computers while on go, from the truly mobile situations with a wireless device in moving cars, to nomadic situations in which… Read More
Repeater could also be a network device that retransmits the data from the sender to the receiver side of the network. The Incoming data are… Read More
1. Solution Architecture :Solution Architecture, as name suggests, is basically process of designing one or more applications or services within organization or company. It is… Read More
1. Cloud Architecture : Cloud Architecture, as name suggests, is basically process of designing and planning various projects or tasks. Cloud architect identifies and correct problem,… Read More
Hub is that the central point of networking device that connects multiple hosting devices to one network. It allows data to urge transferred between themselves… Read More