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Category Archives: Computer Networks

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is a group of wireless network protocols, in view of the IEEE 802.11 group of norms, which are ordinarily utilized for LANs… Read More
1. Web Conferencing : Web conferencing is a real-time online event. This is based on audio or video communication. web conferencing also share important content… Read More
Nowadays, Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most powerful technologies of modern era having the internet as its backbone. Internet of Things… Read More
1. E-commerce : The process of buying and selling products or services over the Internet by using electronic mode is called as E-commerce. It refers… Read More
Internet of Things (IoT) includes large number of smart devices connected to a broad internet network with the help of various networking technologies. Mostly these… Read More
In this digital world where technology has changed everything. Technology has made many impossible things possible. Touch of technology has turned world into magic world… Read More
1. Scareware : Scareware is a form of malware that is malicious software that poses as legitimate computer security software and claims to detect a… Read More
Pre-requisites : TCP/IP model, and OSI Model In the establishment of TCP connection, Maximum Segment Size (MSS) is vital. MSS refers to field in TCP… Read More
Session Initiation Protocol was designed by IETF and is described in RFC 3261. It’s the protocol of application layer that describes the way to found… Read More
Internet Telephony Protocol is also called Voice Over IP . It is a real-time interactive audio/video application. As from the name Internet Telephony, it uses… Read More
Same Site Scripting is type of vulnerability that is caused by common DNS misconfiguration. But before we dive deep into concepts, let’s make sure we… Read More
In today’s world computer has become an integral part of the business sector for professional activities not only for professional activities but for personal activities… Read More
Prerequisite – Services provided by Data Link Layer Logical Link Control (LLC) is one of the uppermost layers of the IEEE 802 Protocol Reference Model.… Read More
1. Adware : Adware is not exactly malicious but they do breach privacy of the users for malicious purpose. They display ads (a pop up… Read More
1. Worms : Worms is similar to virus but it does not modify the program. It replicate itself more and more to cause slow down… Read More