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A default gateway is a node that enables a connection between networks in order to allow machines on other networks to communicate, In other words,… Read More
A logical network is a model of the connection between entities in which each entity is defined by a node, and the links between nodes… Read More
Before learning about a security vulnerability that affects VPNs we need to know what is security vulnerabilities. So basically, Vulnerabilities are the bugs, flaws or… Read More
TELNET stands for Terminal Network. It follows the approach of client-server. The connection of the local system to the remote system is established in such… Read More
The process of packet forwarding simply implies the forwarding of incoming packets to their intended destination.  Internet is made up of generally two terms- Interconnection… Read More
DNS allows you to interact with devices on the Internet without having to remember long strings of numbers. Changing of information between client and server… Read More
When a computer network is separated logically then it is a Broadcast Domain. In a Broadcast Domain, there is reachability among nodes using broadcast at… Read More
Bubble memory is also known as Magnetic Bubble Memory. The inventor Andrew Bobeck invented bubble memory in the 1970s at Bell Labs. Bubble memory comes… Read More
OSPF stands for Open Shortest Path First a link-state protocol and as the name itself justifies that it is used to find the best and… Read More
An Endpoint Security or Endpoint Protection is a technique for the safety of computer networks. How does Endpoint Security Work? Endpoint Security control is a… Read More
Before knowing IPv6 addressing we need to know why there is a need for IPv6 when we have IPv4. IPv4 IP stands for Internet Protocol… Read More
Private IP Addresses are those addresses that work within the local network. This article will detail the concept of Private IP Addresses in networking. These… Read More
Routing is the most important process in networking. The process of routing includes various networking devices for packet forwarding one of this is the default… Read More
Email protocols are a collection of protocols that are used to send and receive emails properly. The email protocols provide the ability for the client… Read More
Wireless communication takes place over free space through RF (radio frequency), one device, Transmitter send signal to other device, Receiver. Two devices (transmitter and receiver)… Read More

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