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An integer number in base 10 which is divisible by sum of it digits is said to be a Harshad Number. An n-harshad number is… Read More
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A n digit number x is called Keith number if it appears in a special sequence (defined below) generated using its digits. The special sequence… Read More
Lucas numbers are similar to Fibonacci numbers. Lucas numbers are also defined as the sum of its two immediately previous terms. But here the first… Read More
Find the Smallest number (Not leading Zeros) which can be obtained by rearranging the digits of given number. Examples: Input: n = 846903 Output: 304689… Read More
Given an integer n, find the nth Pentagonal number. The first three pentagonal numbers are 1, 5, and 12 (Please see below diagram). The n’th… Read More
Given two integers n and k. Find position the n’th multiple of K in the Fibonacci series. Examples : Input : k = 2, n… Read More
Given a number n such that 1 <= N <= 10^6, the Task is to Find the LCM of First n Natural Numbers.  Examples:  Input… Read More
Given an array arr[] such that 1 <= arr[i] <= 10^12, the task is to find prime factors of LCM of array elements. Examples: Input… Read More
Given a large number as a string, find the remainder of number when divided by 7. Examples : Input : num = 1234 Output :… Read More
Given three integers x, y, z, the task is to compute the value of GCD(LCM(x,y), LCM(x,z)). Where, GCD = Greatest Common Divisor, LCM = Least… Read More
Given a number “n”, find if it is Disarium or not. A number is called Disarium if sum of its digits powered with their respective… Read More
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Given a sequence with some of its term, we need to calculate next K term of this sequence. It is given that sequence is generated… Read More