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Category Archives: Geometric

There are two circles A and B with their centres C1(x1, y1) and C2(x2, y2) and radius R1 and R2. The task is to check… Read More
Given three points, check whether they lie on a straight (collinear) or notExamples :   Input : (1, 1), (1, 4), (1, 5) Output : Yes… Read More
Given four points of a rectangle, and one more point P. Write a function to check whether P lies within the given rectangle or not.Examples:  … Read More
We are given a N*M grid, print the number of rectangles in it.Examples:   Input : N = 2, M = 2 Output : 9 There… Read More
A circle is given with k equidistant points on its circumference. 2 points A and B are given in the circle. Find the count of… Read More
You are given N unit squares (squares with side length 1 unit), and you are asked to make rectangles using these squares. You have to… Read More
Given a center of a circle and its radius. our task is to find the neighbors of any point on the discrete circle. Examples:   Input :… Read More
Given a point P in 2-D plane and equation of mirror, the task is to find the image of that point Q formed due to… Read More
A shape is equable if its area is equal to its perimeter. Given ordered coordinates of polygon find whether the shape is equable or not.… Read More
Given center of the sphere and its radius. your task is to store efficiently all the integer points required to show a sphere on the… Read More
Given a set L = {l1, l2, ………, ln} of ‘n’ distinct lines on the Euclidean Plane. The ith line is given by an equation… Read More
Given three coordinate points A, B and C, find the missing point D such that ABCD can be a parallelogram.Examples :   Input : A =… Read More
Given the co-ordinates of a 2-dimensional point p(x0, y0). Find the points at a distance L away from it, such that the line formed by… Read More
We have already discussed the rotation of a point P about the origin in the Set 1 and Set 2. The rotation of point P… Read More
Let’s first consider a general case where the line is nothing but the X-Axis. We can now definitely say that the conjugate of a point… Read More

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