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Categories of Software Defect

Last Updated : 16 May, 2019
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Software Defect is some kind of error, flaw or some kind of mistake from the development team which prevent the software from the smooth working. It directly affect software quality, software quality is some thing how smooth and reliable your software is. Smoothness and reliability is how less defects your software have.

Categories of defects:
Categories of defects are: Errors of commissions, Errors of omissions, Errors of clarity, and Error of speed and capacity.

These are explained as following below.

  1. Error of Commission:
    Commission means instruction or some kind of command given. Now the error in commission means the error in made in command or instruction. For example, suppose I wrote a loop which I was trying to run 10 times but I command it to run more than 10 times by mistake this is the error of commission.

  2. Errors of Omissions:
    As name is already describing error of omission is some thing which happens accidentally. Omission word means something left out or executed. Practical most common example of this error is suppose we make a function in programming open its bracket but forget to close at the end.

  3. Error of Clarity:
    The most common error in the natural languages. This error happens due to miss understanding between the developer and client. It travels most of the time from the requirements to the software.

  4. Error of Speed or Capacity:
    The name of the error is itself enough i think to tell about it this error. Your software is working fine but not working in the required time this is the error of speed. When it comes to capacity it can be relevant to memory. For example, a small integer is declared where the long integer was required.

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